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  1. by   micro
    Heather, a boo- boo that needs vicodin..........poor heather.......

    feel better soon.........

    the book would probably last longer for micro' s enjoyment........
    yaya sisterhood that is..........
  2. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    My wife went to see it while she was out in KS visiting so I didn't get to see it(thank you God). We would have gone to it this weekend if it wasn't playing there(what wise scheduling AMC). It's too bad because I was really looking forward to the(great drugs you get in the looney bin) performance.

    I missed it(dodged a bullet with my name on it)unfortunately and will have to watch a movie with less feeling(estrogen)called minority report.

    My wife said it was "ok" so since she was not paticularly entertained,I would have been having difficulty following the plot(shot myself in the head).

    Since I missed it(thank you God)I really can't tell you how I feel about it:stone
  3. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Peeps! I'll give ya an A+ for honesty!

  5. by   bestblondRN

    Loved the book "Ya-Ya Sisterhood"--definitely a "chick" story, but has lots of laughs and tears.....haven't seen the movie yet, but am sure that Ellen Burstyn does a WONDERFUL Vivi.

    My favorite line from Steel Magnolias was when the Olympia Dukakis character says, "If y'all don't have anything nice to say, come sit next to me......" Ouizer Boudreaux (Shirley MacLaine) was my favorite character though--she's so ascerbic, but has the best lines--and that dog!!!!!!
  6. by   mlolsonny
    How about Dolly Parton's line "No one cries alone in my presence."

    That is so true of me and many other nurses I know.
  7. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Dirty Harry: "Go ahead punk.............make my day"
  8. by   zudy
    Peeps!!!!!!:roll :roll Please,Peeps don't hold back!! Out with it!! tell us how you REALLY feel about chick movies!
  9. by   misti_z
    My Better than Sex recipe is similar to mlolsonny's.

    Chocolate Cake mix with can of condensed milk poured over--ya know it turns into caramel--that blew my mind when I was first told that. After it is baked poke holes in it a pour some caramel over it. Top with cool whip and crumbled up heath bars.......................SO GOOD!!!!

    And Dan ya know your welcome here, just bring the beer, leave the clothes!! :imbar :roll

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