How do you like them apples?

  1. Years ago my dad was in CCU .He is quite a practical joker.The RN on nights gave him a specimen bottle and told him to pee in it in the morning and give it to the nurse.He filled it with apple juice from his pm snack and put it in his bedside table.In the morning he begged the RN for a drink and said he was parched!She said "just a second MR....and just then Dad said"Oh I can't stand it another second!" and swigged down the apple juice(unbeknownst to the RN)out of the specimen bottle! My coworkers still bring this up 10 years later!LOL
    PS. On the same admit the DR. told him he had acute angina.He turned to my mother and said "see?I told you not enough vagina!"LOL!
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