HotSpam's query

  1. What the heck! HotSpams query? What you trying to say there bud?
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  3. by   HotSpam
    No, no, no...

    I meant HotSpam's query - as in his question. Now stop being silly so these folks don't get tired with you already.
  4. by   HotSpam
    So, umm, go ahead with your "query" then. I hope it is a timeless question, like "who is better, an RN or an LPN?".
  5. by   HotSpam
    So you have a problem with RN's? You think your the same as me except the initials? You want the same pay cause you do the same work.

    Why I oughta!!!
  6. by   HotSpam
    Whoa - slower down mooch. I never said, and besides I am an RN too.

    So what was your question anyway?
  7. by   HotSpam
  8. by   canoehead
    Is this a private conversation or can just anyone interrupt?
  9. by   ClariceS
    Totally confused or maybe work has finally shorted out my brain!!
  10. by   night owl
    HotSpam, Are you feeling OK? Or did my brain just short out also???
  11. by   NurseCratchett, NS
    I think you all just lost your last brain cell...none of that made any sense what-so-ever....somebody ask something...