glass eye

  1. If you have ever handled a glass eye you will relate to this one, I had to take this ladies eye out and wash it, once i had it in my hand I carefully carried it over to the sink when suddenly it decided to escape and hide under the bed. I had to get under the bed to look for it, meanwhile my boss at the time came in to see this lady and she asked me what I was doing and I told her making eye contact. Left her dumb founded for a while until she saw lady had her eye missing.
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  3. by   john privett
    isnt it great to see eye to eye with your patient?
  4. by   lpnandloveit1
    had a pt who would take his glass eye out every night and sit it on his bedside table. When i would go in to give h.s. meds I would make eye contact with the glass eye! couldn't help it, did it every time.
    I had an elderly patient in nursing school. I was preparing to do hs care when he takes out his glass eye, sets it on his night table and says "now don't go trying anything missy, I'm keeping my eye on you"