famous last words before termination

  1. 1.for this enema, i want you to take it doggie style
    2.the pca isnt hooked up to me, it just looks that way
    3.i prefer to say, i effectively d/c'd that pts. attitude problem
    4.i just assumed with a heart rate of 150, he was excited to see me
    5.yeah, his pressure was 50/20, but when i got back from break, he was already gone
    6.sure all nine of my pts. were posied, but no one got hurt on my shift
    7.i know he's bald now, but i could swear the doc told me to shave his hairy area before the vasectomy
    8.i'll be in the cafeteria if that guy in 6 complains about his breathing again
    9.what? we don't use isolation precautions for cooties?
    10.no, i swear that's not me on the colonoscopy video
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  3. by   medkeeper
    Oh yea these are great.