Doctor Shortcoming

  1. A medical student was out walking outside a large medical office complex one day, and came upon a little girl, playing with a pile of ****. "Missy, what are you doing?" asked the doctor. "I'm building a Nurse," said the girl.
    The medical student, thinking this was quite funny, returned with a surgeon, and asked the same question. Again, the girl replied that she was building a Nurse.
    The surgeon, also thinking it was funny, went back to the medical office building, and brought a cardiologist with him. Again the question was asked, and the reply was the same.
    The cardiologist then asked the girl why she was building a Nurse. The girl replied, "Because I don't have enough **** to make a doctor."
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  3. by   AZRadRN
    TOO FUNNY!! ROFLMAO!! BTW- I don't think there's enough
    ca-ca on this planet to build a doc!!
  4. by   misti_z