chareting bloopers

  1. Seen on nurses notes "Pt. complains of a fowl smelling vaginal discharge."

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  3. by   Zee_RN
    I may get crucified for this post....but I have noticed that nurses have truly horrendous spelling...leading to funny notes like the above post. But sometimes I read this board and some nurses' notes and just shudder. But please consider...I used to be an English criticism intended, just an observation.
  4. by   MartyL
    I agree with Zee, (oh, a pun for thee)! Sometimes I cringe when I read a typo in my post AFTER it is posted! Yikes! nothing like hitting the wrong key or an extra key. I have seen some pretty funny charting simply because of the errors with grammar! Have you seen this one: "he has pain when he ambulates around his suture lines."