bed ambulation

  1. I was looking over the nursing flow sheet on my patient and noticed the nursing assistant(NA) from the prior shift must have been in a quandry. The nurse manager is a stickler for all the "boxes" being addressed. Since the patient was on complete bedrest, the NA filled in next to "ambulation", "x 2 in bed"
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  3. by   espressoqueen
    I had a resident at a nursing home where I worked at leave for bilateral below the knee amputations and returned. Upon return the care plan wasn't updated completely and an error was present. There was an intervention to "apply orthotic shoes every morning". Well, I was curious as to what the NACs were charting. Well, they had initialed the intervention, meaning they had done it, but there was one NAC that circled the intervention, with the explaination on the back "Feet Unavailable".