An Anti-depressant, you say?

  1. I am a new grad. One evening we had an elderly gentleman transferred from intensive care to the med/surg unit where I was assigned for my orientation. The gentleman had had a CVA and his speech was garbled.

    The doctor went in to see him accompanied by his nurse. The doctor was pleased with the man's progress and asked if there was anything he needed.

    The man replied, "Yea, boopar."

    The doctor said "Do you take that at home?"

    "Yeah," said the man.

    A little while later the nurse goes back into the room with her little medicine cup and said, "Here's your BuSpar."

    The man looked beweildered. The nurse reminded him that he had asked the doctor for it earlier.

    "NO, BOOOPARR!" said the man.

    Turns out the man wanted a BOOST BAR.
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