Absolutly true.......

  1. (This story occurred just pryor to entering Nursing School I was a nurse aid at a cancer hospital in tulsa ok)
    I once entered a pt room with the Rn at the bedside and proceeded to empty the Jackson pratt drain in her abdomen. The nurse instructed me to take the contents and measure then in the rest room. While in the rest room I began to gargle aloud. The nurse and the pt both lost it and asked whatI was up too. I said, "you said gargle right?" I have often found that terminal patients appreciate nursing care that is both serious and sensitive. However at times is is necessary to remind them that their not dead yet, and life is meant to be lived. Humor is the best medicine...
    Todd from tulsa Rn BSN L/D
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    that's my kind of nurse!
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    You are soooo cool!
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    Good one!