New RN Grad cannot find work, Please help me.

  1. Dear Nursing Family, I am a new nurse and cannot obtain an RN position without experience in Brooklyn, Staten Island or NYC? I would be so grateful if you could help me with any hospital or healthcare facility hiring new nurses without experience (I've been a Health Aide and co-founded a TBI organization where I cared for the patient for 3 years and organized fundraisers for medical equipment? Where can I apply? Thank you very much for your assistance!
    Exceptional Grateful,
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  3. by   jomajoma
    My advice, go upstate. Its better up there for new grads. NYC is too saturated with too many new grads and not enough spots for them. Good luck!
  4. by   perioddrama
    Good luck! Just remember, you are not alone. There are other unemployed new grads.

    Seriously consider out of state if need be.