I have a peer interview!

  1. I had my first interview at my local hospital today and now I am on to phase 2, the peer interview. If the staff nurses don't like me, I don't get the job, plain and simple. The nurse manager said I should be prepared to interview the staff and they will interview me. I am not completely sure of what questions I should ask. The nurse manager already covered a lot of my questions in the first interview, like patient ratios, how scheduling works, how the do patient assignments, how the unit is set up, how long my orientation would be and how the orientation process would work. I want to be prepared and polished so I can put my best foot forward. I don't want to be stumbling over a bunch of words and search for answers to their questions. Any suggestions for how to prepare, what questions I should ask, what questions the staff might ask and any other advice would be most helpful.
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