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Nursing 104 excelsior college

by LPNDanielle14 LPNDanielle14 (New) New

hello everyone,

I am currently studying for nursing 104 via excelsior college. I purchased SG101 and find it very helpful.

Any tips for the exam/what to focus on?

Thank you!

Pixie.RN, MSN, RN

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Discussing exam content or asking students to share what was on their exam (such as asking what to focus on based on their exam experience) violates academic honesty policies. Your best bet is to follow the outline in the EC exam content guide - that is your syllabus. The EC practice exams are also a great study tool. Good luck!


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The content guide tells you what to focus on. There are percentages by each section, focus more on the higher percentage areas.

Perfect, thank you. I found it hard to find where everything was on the college website so it was hard for me to start studying.