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  1. I am currently a BSN RN with 5 years experience as an LPN and 1.5 years experience as RN. I eventually want to get my MSN and teach in ADN program. My question is, do I have to complete MSN program first or will anyone consider hiring me with a BSN and plans to continue?
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  3. by   cholli
    In Washington State, BSN level can teach PN in theory and clinical and ADN in clinical.
  4. by   pmshaver
    Unfortunately, NLN accreditation requirements are MSN and Doctoral for ADN/BSN programs to teach theory. BSNs can be clinical instructors in ADN/BSN programs. Most of those programs will hire a BSN who is actively pursuing MSN, usually on a 2 year plan.

    LPN programs require BSN for theory and clinical. However, for NLN accreditation, even LPN programs need something like 80-90% faculty with MSN.

    I would look for an LPN program. That is how I started. I have a BSN and am about 1/2 through my MSN. Luckily, our college is adding an ADN program, so I will just move "up" at the same institution. Although, I thoroughly enjoy teaching LPN students!

    If you can find an institution with an LPN program where you can start, you may also be able to get $$$ for MSN preparation!

    Good Luck. I'd hire you for our LPN program in Idaho!