Veterans who have become Nurse Educators

  1. I was curious if there are any nurse educators out there who also served in the US Army Nurse Corps? I was on active duty from 84-87, then served in the reserves for eight years. For me, it was the worst career decision to leave active duty. I am curious if there are any nurse educators who are also veterans on this website as I would like to share that comraderie.

    Recently, I went to a VAMC and I could have stayed all day talking to those veterans. I also taught a clinical rotation at a VA in mental health and found how very sad it is that there are so many with substance abuse and homelessness. I really was ignorant to it all. When I was speaking to one gentleman, he said he was divorced and kicked out of his house and had nowhere to go. Thankfully, he had the VA to depend upon and it was on this day, I realized that regardless of what happens to me in my life, I can lose my insurance and my career...the VA will always find a way to help. It is my understanding that a large part of the Salvation Army funds go towards helping these veterans. Tomorrow, we will serve dinner to those in need and I really can't wait to do it.

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