Tracking staff education/training/certifications

  1. Hi all! I just took over as a hospital educator for three med/surg floors. I inherited quite a mess of paperwork when I took over which was not very organized at all! I am a very organized person and would like to electronically store all information regarding staff certifications, licenses, competencies, training, and education.

    Does anyone have a computerized system that they like? I have a very minimal budget for education and need something user friendly. I would like to be able to pull reports so I can easily see who is delinquent on their competencies.

    Any suggestions??? Thanks so much!
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  3. by   classicdame
    I no longer have the names of the programs, but they exist. I could not justify the expense. I use an excel spread sheet with the names of the staff on the Y axis and the various requirements on the X axis. I review monthly (reminder is on Outlook). If certs, etc are due within 3 months I highlight background of that cell in yellow. If due that month I highlight in red. I post the grid monthly in the unit's lounge as a reminder to staff to get caught up. I DO NOT send reminders or make an effort to reach people individually. If they refuse to read the grid then I interpret it as they CHOSE not to be responsible and accountable.