RN Certification, "How to"

  1. i am seeking infromation on requirements needed for certification in various nursing specialties. Please contact me w/ any info. I know that AJN had an article re: RN-C's, but I have been unsuccessful in obtaining the information off their webpage. Thanx!
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  3. by   toyrn
    Contact the ANCC whihc is the ceritfying organization. If you have gone through a training course for your specialty and you did clinical time, you may be ablet o get credit for the clinical hours towards your application. I went through a 6 month course and 1/2 of it was clinical which added up to over 600 hours and I was able to get credit towards the 1600(I forget the exact #) hours needed to qualify to take the test. ANCC can send you the application packet to do.