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  1. Does anyone use a structured course for a Pediatric Critical Care class? I know that Indiana University has one but we can't get it due to politics. I was looking at the AACN course for ECCO the adult critical care course. With the exception of some minor changes it looks really good. Does anyone else use this or know of another course?
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Our PICU doesn't follow a formal education program at all, but I wish we did. I suggested ECCO to my patient care manager and was essentially blown off. (Maybe if it was free she'd have been more receptive...)

    When I worked in Manitoba the Health Sciences Centre there had a neonatal and pediatric critical care course that was very popular and turned out good practitioners. I never took the course but I precepted several of the students. I believe it's still in existence, although it may have a new name. Have a look here for some information on it: (page 2, right hand side of the page) http://www.hsc.mb.ca/nursing/content...une%202008.pdf

    I can PM you some contact info if you want.