On Staff Nurses Enhancement Program

  1. being a nurse requires a lot of capabilities if you want to be competitive. am i
    right my co-nurses?

    we deal with life-and-death situation that is why it is essential for us to possess characteristics like critical thinking, assertiveness, competency, compassion and expertise in the practice of the profession.

    but as a a nurse and a researcher, what programs or activities could you suggest to implement the competencies in:

    1.safe and quality nursing care,
    2.management of resources and environment,
    3.health education,
    4.legal responsibility,
    5.ethico-moral responsibility,
    6.personal and professional development,
    7.quality improvement,
    9.record management,
    10.communication, and
    11.collaboration and teamwork?

    we all know we need to pursue our ma degrees, attend seminars and trainings and all. undergo staff development trainings also.

    anything else you could add? thanks.
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