Nursing School/Med. Ctr. Partnerships

  1. Our school has been approached by a medical center interested in offering tuition reimbursement to nursing students in exchange for a work commitment. I am intersted in identifying other schools that have tried such a partnership,in order to dialogue with them about the advantages, disadvantages, etc. Does anyone know of schools that have such a partnership in place? Thanks!!
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  3. by   prmenrs
    My hospital and several others in San Diego jointly coughed up major $$$ in order to increase in available "slots" @ San Diego State so that more students can get in to nursing. Not exactly the same, but... a help, I hope, for some new nurses.
  4. by   PeaceRN
    Most hospitals in my area utilize tuition reimbursement for recruitment. At my institution, we offer payment for books and tuition if they sign a one year committment following graduation. They can work per diem as a Nurse Partner until graduation and are paid accordingly. If they do not complete the contract, they are required to pay back the reimbursement. It is an excellent opportunity for nursing students to cut the cost of their education. They just need to make sure they are signing with a hospital that includes areas they would like to work.