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  1. I have a telephone interview for a tenure-track nursing faculty position. My teaching experience to date is limited to 1 didactic med-surg course and 1 clinical med surg course at a community college. I don't think I have a great chance to actually get the position as a doctorate is preferred, and I only just applied for DNP programs in the last month, but I do want to have a good interview, so would love some tips and ideas, if anyone has any, about what type of questions to expect. Are faculty interviews like normal job interviews or should I expect specific teaching philosophy questions and stuff? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   ProfRN4
    Expect some behavioral/situational questions, especially as it relates to students: students with behavioral issues in the class, students who present with special needs, students who don't get along with each other. Questions about how you'd handle situations a clinical unit (maybe a staff member who is doing something you don't agree with). Questions about your integrity, pertaining to honesty, treating all students fairly, etc. just think of the population you will be teaching, and their make-up. They want to make sure that the faculty can relate to that group (age, culture, demographics, etc) as well as coming up with creative ways to teach them.