NLN Nursing Education Research Grant Proposals - Due February 17, 2010

  1. nursing education research request for proposals

    the nln's research grants program support rigorous, high-quality studies that contribute to the development of the science of nursing education. the nln is deeply committed to supporting beginning researchers as well as accomplished nursing education scholars, and encourages projects in which research mentors and protgs partner to conduct a study. all principal investigators must be current nln members, either through their school or through individual dues payment.

    all studies must relate to one or more of the nln's priorities for research in nursing education. in 2010, priority will be given to studies that focus on the category of " evaluation research in nursing education: evaluating reform." more specifically, priority will be given to projects dealing with implementation strategies and/or studies evaluating the success of strategies for ensuring a diverse student population.

    award amounts will vary with the nature of the study proposed. past grants have averaged $5,000 each, and none have exceeded $20,000.

    the proposal must be submitted electronically as a microsoft word document no later than 4:00 p.m. (est) on february 17, 2010 to please review the q&a document for additional directives. incomplete proposals or proposals submitted after this date/time will not be accepted for review.

    note: a proposal will be considered to be complete only if all of the following components are included and all are submitted simultaneously:

    comprehensive proposal
    demographic data form
    description of principal investigator's qualifications to conduct the research
    please use the form located at the following url to submit your biosketch.

    be sure to include your name in the file name when saving and submitting all files.

    letters of notification will be mailed to all grant applicants by july 1, 2010
    if you have any questions or require further information, please contact
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    background and history
    evidence-based education and evidence-based practice are rapidly becoming the gold standard for nursing regulatory and nursing accrediting agencies. the nln maintains its leadership role by establishing nursing education research as the foundation for building the science of nursing education, facilitating and funding research in this area, and developing novices to become expert researchers.
    in the early 1980s, the nln created the council for research in nursing education and made a commitment to provide funds to support small investigator research projects.the funds were reallocated in 2000. since then, the level of support has continuously grown, from an initial $12,000 to $40,000.
    current program objectives
    among the nln's current objectives is to support multi-site projects that are relevant to the first of the nln's priorities for research in nursing education -- innovations in nursing education: creating reform. in addition, we are encouraging applications for projects that will be implemented through partnerships between established researchers and beginning researchers who will be mentored throughout the process.
    the nln is proud to support nursing education research and to provide leadership in the ongoing development of the science of nursing education. we look forward to your participation in this initiative.
    previously supported projects

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