New CRP guidlines

  1. Help does anyone know what the new CPR guidlines are we are trying to decide if we should wait for are recertifcation time to introduce the new guidlines or just go ahead the old way.What are the major differences we have not been able to get any infornation about this at the state o local level. Thanks Sam
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  3. by   MartyL
    Go to the American Heart Association web site. Buy a 2000 Handbook of ECC through the AHA vendors. Attend a Guidelines 2000 update for instructors or contact your training center!
  4. by   rnoflabor2000
    Go to the for the latest and greatest in CPR. The Amer. Heart Assoc. no longer deals with CPR but they still offer books and related items. ASHI recommends teaching the changes with any new or renewals done. Some of the changes are the 5 to 1 on adults now with 2 person CPR as well as 1 person, how the head is positioned and no blind fingersweeps done on infants. See the site for more details.
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