1. At a recent staff meeting, we're were told by the DON to sign all Physician Orders even if one of the routes of medications was not followed. We were told that it "shows" that we were there and observed the Drs. orders. And that we should chart in the Nurses Notes of either the particular aspect missing, in generalized terms, with no fingerpointing. My question, is this legal? If we sigh off an order, are we not responsible for the way it was written?
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  3. by   bjk
    You don't say if you are transcribing each route to the medication administration record. In my area, it is common practice to transcribe each route. Just as an example of how the order may read, "generic med name" 50 mg. PO or IM Q 4 hours PRN pain. This is then transcribed in 2 different places on the PRN MAR even though one route may never be used. Otherwise, if there is a questionable order written, it might be best to clarify with the MD.

    Another suggestion might be to contact your state board of nursing with this particular question to find out their standing on the legal issue.