IV Certification Class

  1. Hi Everyone. Does anybody know how to go about beginning a class to teach new nurses IV Certification? I assume I would need some credentialing myself before teaching something like this. I got IV certified years ago when I graduated nursing school, but is there an instructor-type class as well? Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   PooterPT
    I just taught an IV cert class. If you Google it, you will find several CEU things available for IV cert.
  4. by   miaratt
    i have tried googling it but can not find it. am not very internet savvy. any way u could email me sites at scarbrough595@bellsouth.net? thanks!!!
  5. by   classicdame
    What type certification? Infusion nurse? I teach it to LVN's without that cert/but I have MSN. I started where I always start - with the Nurse Practice Act for my state. Then Infusion Nurse Society standards. Then hospital policies. I also got info online. Try the EMS sites - they have good teaching that is basic enough for LVN's or anyone new to the skill.
  6. by   vickynurse
    I like the IV cert book published by IML.