Impaired Student Nurse Policy

  1. I am looking for a policy which states what other schools are doing when a student come to class or clinical in an apparent impaired state of mind. Do you test and exit the student or do you have some type of tie with a care provider for recovery assistance?
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  3. by   bookwormom
    I guess the bigger question is what policy is used when a student comes to clinical ill in any way. We don't have a policy for this. It would be nice to have guidelines. I have sent students home when I thought they were febrile, etc or having diarrhea. I usually have an alternate assignment handy. I sometimes send the student to the college health service; they should have resources for physical and mental intervention.

    We do have a policy that students exhibiting "extreme unprofessional behavior" will fail the clinical course. This is not spelled out in detail, but I explain that it includes no call-no show, sexual misbehavior, drug or alcohol abuse in the clinical area, etc.