Health Science Coordinators: Come one come all

  1. I need to make some policy changes at my institute. My PN students are spending 75% of their clinical time in hospitals. This is not required by the board of education or the board of nursing and it does not seem appropriate. My PN grads will be managing complex issues in long term care (not really but still called that) settings. Why would the policy be to spend so much time in the hospital. We are along side many RN students and there is a squeeze because sites are limited here.
    For example, my students spend 25% of their clinical time with the acutely ill pediatric client. However, they will probably never care for this patient. The census for this population is extremely limited and except for NCLEX purposes I can not figure why we do this. (I am new, 4 weeks on the job) Does this sound like a reasonable delimma or am I pondering issues that will shortchange my PN students. After all, lets get real and keep it real.

    Look forward to your response!
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