Goverment grants for nurse education

  1. I am curious about goverment grants for nurse education. I have been hearing alot of information about how there will be alot of money towards nurses whom want to get their MSN in nurse education. What website or where can I find information out regarding grants for school.
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  3. by   sallypz
    Some states have set up special funds for scholarships for Nurse Educators. Check with your state nursing Websites for info. However, as in my state, the economy has hit the State Government Scholarship funds also and in 2010 the scholarship fund for Nurse Educators is being cut.

  4. by   classicdame
    also check with the school and their financial aid dept. They try to stay abreast of things so they can attract students and thus get paid more.
  5. by   sallypz
    Yes, good idea. The school financial aid office would know about any scholarships that are specific to that in scholarships from alumni of the program. I would also encourage graduates from programs to set up/contribute to scholarship funds at their schools, especially in these difficult economic times students need help.