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  1. Looking for input from nurses who may have been involved with the implementation of a computer generated MAR using the Meditech pharmacy module. We plan on using the Order Entry link that would allow nursing staff to enter the physician order for medications as unverified, then the pharmacist would then verify the order once it was received before dispensing the drug. It sounds good in theory, but I am having some second thoughts regarding the workload on the nursing staff.

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  3. by   Aristida
    I have helped to implement the Meditech OR module in our hospital. Everyone here had the same concern about the work load. All of the OR AND RR records are done on the mediteck system. WE do not have the MAR system here and the floors are not using Mediteck at this time. WE did have a time for about the first three weeks until the nurses got used to the module. But now they love it. At first it does creat move work until everyone is familiar and the BUGS are worked out. The best thing I can tell you is have an open mind and take one day at a time.