1. Are there any CNS programs out there that are not so expensive? I want my Master's in this not just education.
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  3. by   cfaith
    Try Liberty U. in Lynchburg VA.
  4. by   Ashanti1pinklady
    Is this an online program? If so I have heard that are a lot of problems with preceptorship. Is this so of this university? And how about the price?
  5. by   cfaith
    Yes, it is online, but there is a campus in Lynchburg, VA.. I graduated 2010, CNS. I have not heard of any problems with preceptors. (not saying there are not, just that I have not heard ..) I had to change and thye accepted the documentation provided. As I remember the preceptor must be a current RN-Master prepared, practicing at the advance level.... Once I got my Goals/Objectives approved, I documeted my progress on in a log, which I turned in each week. At the end of my 500 hours (Advanced Assessment had 50 hours), my preceptor signed off on the logged hours/demonstratrion of skills and this was submitted for approval.
    I was able to obtain FA so it was next to nothing.... It was cheaper from the quote than some of the other online programs I looked into, prior to enrolling.
    Best of luck! fai