CNOR exam

  1. Has anyone taken the CNOR exam recently? Need tips for studying. Must pass. Any suggestions? THank you in advance.
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  3. by   chartleypj

    I took the CNOR exam several years ago. The exam, like so many other lisencing/certifying exams is as much about knowing how to take a test. If you have been practicing perioperative nursing for at least 2 years fulltime, and keep up with AORN literature, you should do fine. I was a seasoned OR nurse prior to taking this exam, however I'd been away from an academic setting so long I opted to take a CNOR review course offered though my local AORN chapter. This probably helped the most.
    Good luck!

  4. by   spica11
    I just took the test yesterday for the second time and passed. I studied from Review of Perioperative Nursing by Hutchisson, Phippen and Wells and felt more prepared this time. Last time I studied from a huge packet of notes given to me by my OR director and failed by three points. Trust no one but yourself!! It is a very comprehensive test requiring specific knowledge of a broad range of periop issues. I feel great about the fact that I never have to sit for it again.