CNE certification

  1. Hello all! I am starting the studying "process" toward CNE certification. Did any of you take this certification in the past few years, and what was the best material to read/study? Any recommendation? I finished my MSN in nursing education, and that certification would be the most appropriate. Thank you all, in advance
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    I took an in person review course a couple years ago- sponsored by the NLN. The instructor was TERRIBLE but the syllabus was gold! That and Billings and Halstead were my only study materials and I passed on the first attempt.
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    If you have access to NurseTim, there is an archived CNE webinar given by Dr. Billings herself. I am slowly starting to study!
  5. by   ProfessorD
    I am preparing to take the exam very soon. I've read Billings and Halstead, the NLN review manual, and done the online review by Billings. NLN now offers an online review course as well. So far Billings and Halstead has been the most informative. Good luck