1. I am presenting an hour long continuing education style class for CNAs on infection control and the issues that arise from caring for pts in contact/droplet/airborne isolation. I have a lot of info on this topic, but can anyone point me towards the educational level of content for CNA CEs (maybe a website) ?
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    / This is what I have for content on infection control for CNA's
    1. Defing Microorganisms
    2. Explain why infection control isn important to your residents/ patients
    3. List of methods that infection is spread with examples
    4. Define and differentiate cross contamination, clean and soiled with examples
    5. Discuss seperation of clean and soiled items/ regarding storage in clean and dirty utility rooms
    6. explain the role of handwashing in reducing the spread of infection
    7. define standard precautions
    8. explain the guidelines of isolation, airborne, droplet, contact.. and the kind of personal protective equipment to be used
    9.explain why and when transmission based precautions are used
    10. explain why isolation is psychologically difficult for the patient/
    11. describe how to isolate the pathogen without isolating the patient
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