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  1. For my friends in nursing education, do yous know of any programs that help with loan repayment? For adjunct and/or clinical. I love teaching, so clinical is defiantly something I see myself doing... Michigan and online programs in particular.
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  3. by   nurse_flo_marie
    The only loan repayment programs I've heard of depend on if you're working in a disadvantaged area or for a non-profit. I have heard of deferment options for teachers, but I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for. I would do some digging on your loan servicer's website - check out their FAQs and forms sections.
  4. by   Rod, Male Nurse
    There is loan repayment but not really for what you are looking at doing. Typically, someone who only does clinical instruction is part-time/adjunct. Adjunct, by definition, is less than full time (part-time) and there is no loan repayment program available for that. They are all for full-time nurse educator jobs, mostly in areas of need but have seen one loan repayment that only specified a requirement of being full time for a minimum of 2 years.