Balancing Act related to FT nursing positions and clinical nursing instruction

  1. I am interested in becoming a clinical instructor at a local community college. The one I am seeking will accept that I have a BSN and an MBA rather than an MSN. With that said, I am wondering if those of you who work full-time at your nursing positon can elaborate on your experience balancing a clinical nurse instructor and your full-time nursing position? For example, what is your typical time commitment of being a clinical nurse instructor to include trainings and meetings before and after semesters?

    By the way, those of you who teach theory based courses as an adjunct what are your time commitments? Just curious.
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  3. by   jennycRN
    I tried working FT along with one day a week as an adjunct clinical instructor, but have a much better balance now that I dropped to part time. I suppose it varies by program but I spend a significant amount of time each week grading written work and preparing for clinical (going in to select patient assignments etc). Maybe 6 hours or more in addition to the nine hours I spend directly with my students. Hardly any meetings though.