Active Learning Strategies

  1. I am a new faculty member in an ADN program and am looking for ideas to promote active learning in the classroom. I have a class of 75 students. Any ideas from seasoned faculty would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Cheryl Louise
    With the push for active learning all faculty need to learn active strategies. Here are a few ideas I have learned: use case studies - introduce case study at beginning of lecture and refer to it throughout the lecture, use storytelling of your experiences with patients and ask students to add experiences they have, use group work and have 1 person designated to present the information to class, use concept map/mind mapping to write about a disease or concept on the whiteboard - include patho, treatments, nursing care, labs, meds, use jigsaws, include NCLEX style questons throughout the lecture for students to answer as a group - this can also b done with clickers it you have them, use simulations with low-and high-fidelity manakins with groups students. These are just some ideas I hope may be helpful to you.