Perinatal Drug Abuse

  1. I'm researching nurses' attitudes regarding perinatal drug abuse & I would like to know how you view women with positive drug screens. Does it affect the care that you give in anyway and if so why? Should women receive punitive measures or is drug abuse a disease process which requires compassion and rehabilitation? Are you aware of the California law called the Presley Law and if so do you use a standard drug assessment tool at your facility? Thanks for your input, TerriAV

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  3. by   LindaC
    Terri, I'm not a peri-natal nurse per se, but have cared for women with pos drug screens and their newborns. I really try to care for the mothers at their level, though it can be difficult to be loving. It's the babies I feel so bad for, as far as their potential futures.

    Have you heard of the nursing theory "modeling and role-modeling" by Helen Erickson? The theory involves understanding the client's world from THEIR perspective, then using nursing science and art to promote their health. Please visit my question here at "Nursing Educators" and respond there. . . I need this for a class in a MSN program. Thanks a lot!!