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Nursing Education in Louisville KY


I have BA from University of Louisville and want to get my 2year RN. As i understand nursing education here, i need to get my MNA/CNA first in order to enter community college nursing education program. My plan is to do the MNA/CNA at Caritas medical or the Red Cross, then enter Jefferson community college for my 2 year RN. After this i want to get BSN and focus on psychiatric care. I used to work at Caritas Peace (formerly OLOP) and i really enjoy working in psychiatric care.

Can anyone give me some additional advise or insight into the process. I am 38 and have been working pt as non-certified teacher, and raising children. Its time for me to put myself first. I am still working on getting advising from the community college.

And.... once i have finished the MNA/CNA course and certification/testing, am i going to be able to get work as a new CNA? Many adverstisements indicate that the employer wants experienced CNAs. How will i get experience?

Support, help, advise is very appreciated by the out of work mother who's getting old and needs a career.

Thanks and god bless you all.


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