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Nursing diagnosis for LGA newborn

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I am looking for assistance in coming up with 4 nursing diagnosis for a LGA (8lb 14oz + 50.8cm length) newborn born at 38 and 2/7. The mother is a G2 P2, has a hx of HSV 2 with no outbreaks and is being treated with Valtrex. The father is a carrier for Pompe disease.The parents went through genetic counseling with each pregnancy and neither child is a carrier. The newborn was born with 1 artery and 1 vein in the umbilical cord. The pediatrician grades his heart murmur at a 2/6. 1st BGM is 34(2hrs after birth), 2nd BGM 44 (3hrs after 1st reading). VS were WNL. All reflexes intact. No physical deformities noted. Atraumatic VBAC. Quad screen was 1.45 but the child has no signs of having Down Syndrome. Unremarkable pregnancy.

I know that LGA infants are at risk for hypoglycemia and maintaining stable blood sugars.

Potential Problems: Hypoglycemia, heart murmur, kidney problems r/t 1 umbilical artery

I have to come up with 4 nursing diagnosis and my priority can't be a risk diagnosis. I am thinking about using one that deals with hypoglycemia r/t the infant being LGA since his 1st BGM was low.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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Think about how is the infant feeding?


Family stressors?

Family knowledge base?

Nursing diagnosis drive what you are going to do for your patient.

What dose this infant and family need?