Nursing in Cayman Islands?


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Hi there!

I'm looking to hear about anyone's experiences working as a nurse in the Cayman Islands. I am Canadian and work as an RN here, and my husband is Caymanian. Due to his work we may have to temporarily move (6 month - 1 year) back to his home. I'm aware of the high cost of living and the difficult process of obtaining a visa there. I'm looking specifically to see what nursing in Grand Cayman is like, as I've heard mixed things. Are there other international nurses who have moved to Cayman, and do you enjoy nursing there?

I'm also looking for advice regarding travel nursing. I don't know anything about it, and am not even sure its an option in Cayman as I can't find any information about it online. Has anyone ever done a travel contract there, or is it best to apply to local job postings?

TIA! 😃

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