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  1. by   Designer NP
    I'm in the process of updating my resume and have experience as a CNA, LPN and RN. I have my LPN and RN experience on the resume, but should I put my CNA experience down too? My resume is getting longer and longer because I have had so many jobs as a nurse.....
  2. by   NRSKarenRN
    I would mention prior experience as CNA but not list positions as that may sway some hiring mgrs who feel that CNAexperience makes one more understanding of teamwork, especially avoiding dumping on CNA as you've walked in their shoes....
  3. by   dreavt
    This is such a great thread with so much info -- thank you all!

    One question: Is it really acceptable (even expected) to put your GPA on your resume? I managed a 4.0 in my ADN program so would like to put it out there if it will be helpful, but don't want to seem like a show-off, you know?

  4. by   sunflrz321
    To the last poster: First of all, congrats on your outstanding GPA in nursing school. But I'm not sure if it's acceptable to put a GPA on a resume or not. If you have some sort of distinction from your GPA, such as summa cum laude, I would think it would be more acceptable to place that title after your degree on your resume.
    Good luck to you!
  5. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from dreavt
    ... I managed a 4.0 in my ADN program so would like to put it out there if it will be helpful...
    Congrats, Drea!

    Awesome accomplishment.

    Absolutely include it. Put it next to your degree.

    Very impressive.
  6. by   dreavt
    Thanks so much for the kind words and advice, both of you. I seriously never heard of putting a GPA on a resume until I looked at some of the samples linked to in the original thread. I've been doing some googling, and it does seem fairly common practice, at least in certain professions. I always thought my grades were just a point of personal pride -- cool that they *may* help me get a job!

    Thanks again!
  7. by   mochabean
    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find examples of resumes of current nursing students who also work as CNAs. I have a BS in psych and I've had various non-nursing related jobs, so I just want to know how I would arrange that in my resume. Thanks.
  8. by   mochabean
  9. by   JStyles1
    Ok I'm beginning to think it is something with me. I have applied for probably 20-30 jobs here and have had 4 interviews. Nothing became of any of the interviews. All the response I'm getting on these applications is that I dont have the experience they are looking for, there are more qualified applicants, application gets forwarded to manager but never hear back, or I just don't get a response at all. The interviews went very well and they said they were impressed with me/my answers. I don't know where to go from here. There is a hospital that I am applying for that makes you agree not to call for "status checks".

    I know there are the jobs out there that I have applied for that I am not considered for because I do not have a full year of experience, but it seems even a lot of the floor positions "require 1 year experience" now.

    my resume and a general cover letter are in the link below. i tailor each cover letter to the position/hospital I am applying for.

    any thoughts?

  10. by   bbie17
    Hi NRSKarenRN,
    You've replied to my post "need feedbacks on resume" a few days ago. I have sent you an email using my personal email because I'm a new member and not allowed to send private msgs on here. Just wondering if you received my email?
  11. by   WildcatFanRN
    Ok, here's my situation, in as short a form as possible. I graduated in May 2008, took boards and was licensed in October 2008. Lost what I was hoping to be a dream job in October 2008 after 4 weeks of orientation as an RNA. Gave up apply for job in my home state in Jan 2009. Applied for and was interviewed for several positions in NC in Feb 2009. Was actually offered a job and was excited and started said job in NC on a intermediate unit in June 2009. 9 weeks into orientation I wasn't progressing and after some soul searching on my own, I decided to talk to my nurse manager about it. We both decided that it would be to my best interest to transfer to a less acute floor as my transition from being an LPN to an RN was much harder than I expected. The nurse retention manager was contacted and I started working with her in August. By October 31st all options to find me a new position was exhausted as all the new grad RN positions were gone and there were no openings anywhere on the general medicine units. I am now officially unemployed...again. Hubby and I are moving back home at the end of this month since my job prospects where we are a slim and we have a baby on the way.

    My resume is littered with short stay jobs, my RNA job and this one being the most recent. Also HUGE gaps between jobs. Should I even bother applying for jobs knowing my resume most likely won't make it past the recruiter? This last job has me only employed for 4 months, but it was actually less than that since the policy at this particular place states you can't work on the unit your trying to transfer from during the transfer process. How in the world do I make myself stand out to even get an interview? DO I put something in my cover letter? Also, should I even bothe applying for positions I've found back home since my baby is due at the end of January?

    I've made many mistakes in my career, most of them while I was an LPN which I have to list on my resume. I am eligible for rehire at both this employer and the one previous to it. It's just my resume screams "don't bother".

  12. by   brightcomplex
    Hi people am a foreign nurse and i just pass my nclex rn. Trying to look for a job and i have a question , i really don't have relevant work history and am a new grad and i don't know if am to write a resume and how should i write it? any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
  13. by   newtinmpls
    I'm not in the application stage currently - but I will be. My situation is that I'm in school for my BSN, and what I'd like, long term, is to find a small community (maybe rural) in a place where NP's have prescriptive privliedges and see if in order to get me as a "local provider" and have me settle down there, would they pay for my NP training. I've heard it's theoretically possible, but I'm not sure how to go about it.