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look at your resume!!! i've been reviewing resumes for open positions in my department and can't believe the resumes i've received: misspelling, words crossed off, no cover letter, including... Read More

  1. by   sammilyn7
    Quote from NRSKarenRN
    ..... it is NOT necessary to list clinical experiences on a resume, is viewed as "padding" resume or making one appear to have PAID WORK experience when if fact part of education.

    ONLY list clinical experience if extra course beyond program basics.
    Oh, OK, then I'll be sure not to list my clinical rotations. Thanks for that advice!!! So basically should I just send out a blanket resume with a cover letter for different jobs? My resume will only include my schooling since I don't have work experience. I know most of our new grads get hired before their preceptorship if over but I don't want to depend just on that, especially if I don't like where I'm precepting.
  2. by   Valerie Salva
    My nursing program did not even mention job hunting, or any related considerations.

    Many years ago, I graduated from an electronic tech trade school program, in which job hunting, resume writing, how to dress, etc. were covered extensively.

    Since nurses are supposed to be professionals, you would think that how to professionally approach job hunting, interviewing, etc. would be an integral part of nursing programs.
  3. by   margiesan
    If you have a degree in another industry can you put that on your title? For example, I have a Bachelor of Arts (in film studies) and I just received my LVN license, can I put My Name, LVN., BA. on my resume?
  4. by   js142430
    In my humble opinion, I think it might be perceived as misleading or confusing. I've worked professionally outside of nursing for a number of years and there aren't many professions that list the degree after your name like we nurses do. I think it is great to list the degree on your resume with you other education experience. I just wouldn't list a non-nursing degree or credential following your name on a resume for which you are applying for a nursing position. The same goes for you applying for a position in your previous field, you wouldn't list your LVN credential following your name on that resume.
  5. by   Nightbloom
    I have a juris doctorate (law degree), I am wondering in the job search after I finish school if I should put down JD behind my name. Its common where I live for JDs to put JD behind their name.

    Also, should I have my legal jobs on my resume? I would think that since it is a high-stress profession, it might translate over. What are your opinions on the subject?

  6. by   dld
    It is only my opinion, but I would put all titles on the resume, but only those relevant to nursing on your badge. The extra education can only help you on the resume, you'd think!
  7. by   eileeners
    This thread is very helpful. Thanks everyone!
  8. by   Peppers82
    I love this website! There is so much to learn. Ask, and you shall receive! I'm in the process of getting my resume together and thinking about how I will interview. Thank you Karen for all the info and links. My resume is so simple though now that i'm looking back at it...

    Thanks again,
  9. by   mummer43
    This has been a big help for me. I am trying to get a resume together for some per diem work and I am having a hard time. Anyone else here with open heart experience care to help me out?
  10. by   Sue0829
    Quote from margiesan
    If you have a degree in another industry can you put that on your title? For example, I have a Bachelor of Arts (in film studies) and I just received my LVN license, can I put My Name, LVN., BA. on my resume?
    Yes, sometimes I am also confused about that.Waiting on the answers.
  11. by   WildcatFanRN
    I graduated in May and still can't find a job. I've revamped my resume at least 6 times and managed to get it down to one page from three. I had people say to list every job I've had as an LPN or list only the last five years. Still others say that your resume should only be a page or so. Well, I made mine into one page by summarizing thirteen years of LPN experience. This way it downplays the sheer numer of jobs I've had over those thirteen years. Especially as I have to fill out an electroinic application as well and list ALL my jobs there. I'm beginning to think the HR people aren't even looking at my resume/cover letter since my previous job history is being used against me as I look for that first RN job.

    I call to follow up. I wish I could send my resume directly to the hiring managers. I've even called a few and was told to contact nurse recruitment. I've exhausted all my ideas. I think my resume looks fine and everything is the truth, gives one the basic information without highlighting my flawed job history.
  12. by   wishiwereanurse
    My nurse friends told me that I should just pay someone to make me a great resume since I'm a professional nurse and not a professional resume writer... hahaha.

    My resume looks empty because I just took my nursing course seriously...i had no time to work as cna or lvn or even do volunteerwork because nursing school was monday-sunday. What the heck do I put in there if I have nothing but a diploma?
  13. by   pinkeshpatel206
    can any one please send me a resume for psych nursing that includes psych nurse experience in different units such as child & adolescence, adult, HDU etc on pinkesh249@hotmail.com

    your help will be appreciated,