which school which state?

  1. I am looking to go to start nursing school (associates, possibly bachelors RN program) as soon as possible. Right now I completed 50 credits of college pursuing a degree in finance but decided I would rather do nursing, I hold a 3.00 GPA, I'm taking anatomy and physiology I right now and should come out with an A- at least. And I plan on doing well in A and P II as well. I'm trying to figure out which state I should go to, I have a nice site which shows me all the accredited NCLEX schools in the country state by state. Its a matter of choosing which ones to apply to. Basically all of the 2 yr programs in Connecticut you need a 3.8 GPA and a good score on TEAS V to get accepted. I'm thinking I could find easier two year programs to get into in other states. I'll even go to another country. Any suggestion on where I should go and why?
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