where to now?

  1. I am a new grad looking for my niche. I do not want to work anywhere where the pts. death could be imminent. LTC and med/surg are out of the question. Not too many Dr.'s are having nurses in their offices now-a-days either.
    I not only have to figure out what I want to do but I live in a small town with not too many opportunities.
    Any suggestions or advice?
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  3. by   ShandyLynnRN
    unfortunately, any bedside nursing you do will have that potential. I work OB/nursery/womens health, and even we have deaths. Usually still births, etc.... You would have to do something away from the bedside nursing to get away from the death part. On the other hand, it can be very rewarding to assist someone as they are dying, bethere for them, comfort measures, family and spiritual support.... it is heart wrenching sometimes, but also feels good to know that you have helped someone in their time of great need.
  4. by   2banurse
    School nurse?