Vocational or traditional school?

  1. I am going thru a divorce and time is very limited. I looked into Maric College for the two year RN program. It's very expensive. Can anyone give me some feedback? Pros and Cons of vocational training??
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  3. by   pagandeva2000
    I am not sure, but I thought that vocational schools would train an LPN. One con I know is that their credits may not be applicable to other schools should you wish to go on further in nursing.
  4. by   jnmh
    Hello. I have a couple of questions. I live in Boise and the BSU nursing program is extremely hard to get into. A couple of friends that are RN's have suggested going to Apollo College for their LPN program and then obtaining and associate RN from Excellsior. Apollo is not NLN accredited but Ex. said as long as you pass the NCLEX and receive your license you can still enroll. Not all of my credits would transfer. This route still seems to be the fastest though. Thanks for any input!