Turned down job offer, now change of heart!!

  1. I was offered a rn position in med/surg last week, but turned it down. Now, I have a change of heart. The reason, lower pay but sign-on bonus, hours I wanted, close to home and the manager/people seem pleasant. My question is, should I call the recruiter and express my renewed interest in the position if it is still available??? Any advise would be appreciated. :imbar
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  3. by   LovelyLady01
    Those are alot of positive things that you listed for the job traits. It is rare that you find most of that in a job these days. But why should the pay rate matter if everything else seems good? If I were you I would go for it. It won't hurt to try. When opportunities come your way be sure you don't shut the wrong door. Keep all of your options open. But if there is a situation where you have only one option open to better yourself then go for it. But if they tell you no then just think of it as another experience/skill you learned along the way and at least you tried. GOOD LUCK!