Starting a career and need advice.

  1. Hello everyone I am a 19 year old guy in Washington State. I am looking so start a career in nursing and im unsure how to go about it. I am a man of extremely limited financial resources, so paying for college class's will be pretty taxing. I am thinking that it might be best to become a CNA first. As a CNA I will make enough to support my self and save up the money needed to take RN class's. I talked to my old highschool teacher and she told me about Job Corps and I have a meeting with a admissions counselor in a few days. Anyway I am wondering how well Job Corps CNA training compares to Jr. college or college courses. I'm also wondering if ill have a hard time getting hired as a CNA and some day as a RN being a man. If anyone has any advice on how to best go about starting and advancing a career in nursing I am all ears. I am also very interested to hear about peoples views on the Job Corps program and men in the Nursing field in general.

    Thank you all in advance for all advice and opinions given.
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