SLP or RN?

  1. I am in the middle of taking science prerequisites in order to apply for an accelerated nursing program. I was recently accepted to Montclair's masters program in SLP
    The SLP is 3 years and I would start this Fall. I would qualify for a nursing program next fall 2019. I was hoping to get into Rutgers Accelerated program.
    I am 46 a single Mom and I want to be working quickly and with the best salary.
    i welcome any and all advice!
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  3. by   Redsox07

    Follow your passion. There's good $$$ in nursing; however, I would bet there's money, too, in SLP.

    I have been an RN now 10 years and have found that in nursing it is not difficult to make decent money; however, finding stuff that is really interesting (and that also has available jobs) can be a real challenge. Best of luck.