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Nursing In Demand

There are a lot of elements that create the significant factors of the obstacles dealing with the nursing career in our day and they consist of in the pattern of...

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Mona Mona

Types of Nursing Career Specialties

Agency Nurses Agency Nursing is essentially where a nurse will register or sign up with an agency or similar group and tell them what hours they are available...

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Brenda F. Johnson

Top States and Hospitals for Nursing Jobs

Which State? Graduating nurses often begin their career in the state of their graduation. They have established residences and family that keep them planted for...

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Scholastic Calamity

I was not what you would call a traditional nursing student, though these days the route I took seems to be growing in popularity. I spent four years of my life...

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Brenda F. Johnson

The Positive Aspects of A Nursing Career

I was twenty-five when I started nursing school and there was a woman in my class who was fifty-nine. For my classmate, as is the case for so many others, nursing...

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Just and R.N

10 Questions New Grads Would Love to Ask a Recruiter

Before I begin, I would like to ask that any misconceptions / assumptions / presumptions be excused as the wondering of an ignorant new grad. This article is not...

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Beverly Sampson

Importance of Continuing Education in the Nursing Profession

The importance of continued education with any profession is paramount. Within the Nursing profession it is a requirement. In general, to maintain your license you...

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Nursing and Career Changes

The Only Constant in Life is Change Isn't it known that the only constant we can count on in life is change? With over three decades of nursing experience,...

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Advice to the Younger Nurse Me

"This is what reality shock feels like," I thought to myself as I stared at the little confused old man sitting on the edge of his bed, covered in blood from the IV...

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Nurse Beth

Revamp your Resume

No matter what a fantastic employee you would make, if your resume does not immediately impress, you may never get the chance to show them. An ineffective...

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Nurse Beth

How to Answer "What's Your Greatest Weakness?"

What's Your Greatest Weakness? This question most assuredly will be asked. It's dreaded by most people, because it raises a fear of vulnerability and besides,...

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Wondering why you can't get hired or promoted: Resume + Interview hints!

UPDATED ARTICLE can be found at: Resume Tips: Perfecting Nursing Resume, Cover Letter, Online Job Applications Look at your resume!!! I was taught in lpn...

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Nurse Beth

How to Answer "Tell us About Yourself"

Tell Me About Yourself Preparing for the "Tell me about yourself" question is critical to the success of your interview. But it's such a broad question that...

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Do New Graduate Nurses Need a Formal Residency Program?

After four years of nursing school, do nurses need this additional training? To answer this question, it is prudent to examine the traditional four year...

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Brenda F. Johnson

Certification : I Did it For the Money.

Money is an excellent motivator, and when the hospital that I worked at offered two dollars more an hour for certification, I was excited. I had been thinking...

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Ten Tips for New Grad Nurses

Nurses, in spite all of the wonderful employment opportunities available for us, still face trouble when it comes to the hiring process - especially new grads....

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Back In The Saddle Again

With apologies for the Old West metaphors.....I am, indeed, back in the saddle again as a floor nurse. And as sore as my old bones are from the unaccustomed...

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Liddle Noodnik

Camp Omigosh Nearly Derails a Camp Nurse

Camp Omigosh is a remote camp set in the verdant mountains of New Hampshire (yes, the name of the camp has been changed to protect the not-so-innocent). This is my...

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