Should I be a Nurse

  1. Healthcare is unique. Where else can you feel exhilarated one moment and exhausted the next? If you really want to be a nurse you've got to be committed and love what you do

    Most nurses share an uncommon compassion and caring for people. This quality is one of the most valuable things that nurses give to the nursing profession. It is also one of the most valuable things the nursing profession gives back to you, if you let it. Consider this, many organizations are very profit oriented and often for employees their own purpose or values don't necessarily line up with their job function or the organizations mission and values. Yet as a healthcare professional, every single day you bring your compassion and caring for others to the job. You have the opportunity daily to pursuit your passion at work.
    Even if you love your work though, nursing can be challenging at the best of times.

    I have enjoyed working with many nurses who LOVE thier work and blessed are the patients who get to deal with them
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